Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Autocratic Technosoft Pvt Ltd offers quality reseller hosting on linux and windows platforms, with control panels. We offer cpanel for linux reseller hosting and plesk control panel for windows reseller hosting. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer care support to ensure quick response time.

If you want to start your own hosting company or you are a designer and need your clients' sites get hosted or you have multiple sites of your own, Reseller Hosting is the way to go. You can divide your resources among multiple Domains and host them. You will have complete control over your Resold accounts. We will remain completely transparent to your clients.

Start as low as Rs.5999/- per year
Start as low as Rs.5999/- per year
Host 5 Domains in 10 GB webspace
Host 5 Domains in 10 GB webspace
Control and manage via WHM
Control and manage via Plesk
Unlimited emails, mysql, php, cgi etc..
Unlimited emails, asp, access, .net , cgi

Reseller Hosting Features  
Branding Capabilities  
Control Panel Customization
Resellers can customize the appearance of the control panel with their own custom page title and graphics right from the control panel. Custom themes are also supported.
Custom Links
Custom links can be added to the control panel easily from the reseller interface.
Account Creation E-mails
The Account Creation e-mail which is sent to a client when an account is created can be customized easily from the control panel. Furthermore the e-mail address from where the e-mail is generated can be changed.
Custom Support Links
The default support links in the control panel can be replaced with custom links. Also the default e-mail address for support requests can be changed.
Custom Welcome/Placeholder Page
One extremely useful feature in the CM is the ability to create a custom placeholder or welcome page, which is placed in the web-root (www) folder of all Reseller Accounts created.
Reseller Account Creation Features
Name-based Hosting
Name based resold accounts can be created from the reseller control panel.
IP-based Hosting
IP based resold accounts can be created from the reseller control panel
Ability to Limit Use of Resources
Resellers can limit resold accounts by the number of mail accounts, Addons like Perl, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ODBC, FrontPage Server Extensions, Webalizer, subdomains and other features on a account to account basis.
Domain Parking
Multiple domains can be pointed onto an existing account.
Plan Template Wizard
Create templates of different resold plans based on disk space, bandwidth utilization and add-ons to quickly deploy new clients.
Account Suspension
Resold accounts can be suspended/unsuspended from the reseller interface.
E-Mail Features

Offer your resold clients pop3 accounts with web mail support, Mail forwarders/aliases, Auto Responders and Spam Filters through their control panel.
FTP Features
FTP Account Management
Offer your resold users the ability to create sub FTP users, assign them appropriate disk space and edit/delete existing users right from the control panel.
DNS Features
Automated DNS
DNS zone files are created / Modified / Deleted automatically when an account is added / Modified / Deleted.
DNS Manager
Manage the DNS records of your resold accounts right from the control panel.

What is Reseller Hosting? How your Reseller Hosting works?

The reseller purchases a large chunk of web space and bandwidth from the web hosting company and can then carve that into individual chunks of space/bandwidth for sale to customers. The web host provider [Webcom India] provides you with the information and admin control tools you need to transparently offer their services as your own. We will do all hardware and software system administration necessary, as well as be your second line technical support engineers if you have a problem and you can't answer it. We will never contact or deal with your customers for any reasons. We will always remain anonymous. We also include in the reseller packages an extensive help guide with tutorials to help you get started. Additionally you are allowed to use our extensive online documentation as your own documentation for your clients to use.

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